November 12, 2012

12 shared THANKSGIVING recipes

The countdown has started, we only have 17 days left until Thanksgiving. Have you decided on your menu? I have but thanks to Pinterst I might have to make a few changes to my usual side dishes! So as I was browsing through all the recipes I decided to put together a list of sides I would make....I don't think I will be making ALL of these but if I had to feed a football team I would consider many of these. I have left out the turkey and the ham in my list but I plan on sharing my recipes that I use to make ours every year. My list contains a variety of side dishes, desserts, snacks/appetizers and even a yummy drink.

Hopefully I am able to help you complete or even update your menu with a few of these recipes.


(if you look closely to the spelling of each recipe title each contains a letter that spells out THANKSGIVING)

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