July 29, 2013

Chocolate Lave Cake **my guest post**

I have been a bit of a break from cooking, baking and posting.....it's not that I have lost my drive but between summer vacation starting & ending, my college classes during their summer break, exams and lets not forgot our CRAZY hot temps AND flooding we had on our street/neighborhood!!

Before things got too off schedule and crazy for me I did share a recipe with Jutta over at Hungry Little Girl......she did it the right way, she sent all her blogger friends an email asking for us to fill her calendar with guest postings....GREAT idea ;-) NOTE TO SELF.....do this during the next school break!!!

Today it was shared on her blog so jump on over to Hungry Little Girl and check it out.
This is a recipe I got many many months ago when I was still a Pampered Chef consultant.

1 box Chocolate Cake mix (including the ingredients needed to prepare the cake as directed on the box)
1 tub chocolate frosting

In a glass or stone baking dish combine the cake mix and the ingredients listed on the box. Stir until smooth.
Now drop 1 TBS size dollops of the frosting on top of the cake mixture.
Microwave, UNCOVERED for 10 minutes! FINISHED!!

Be careful removing the cake it will be hot. 

The lava sauce will be at the bottom of the cake so when you serve it you have to scoop it out and then flip the cake upside down to plate....if you want to. Try it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream...yum!