August 18, 2012

Greek Cheese Spread

I love having friends over to chat and snack on yummy foods. Appetizers  & finger foods are always so much to make and try. Appetizers have such a wide range of variety so there are so many different options to try.

This recipe has been my go-to appetizer when I am lacking inspiration (or time) to try something new since every time I have made this I am always left wishing I would have kept half of it hidden away in the fridge for later.

I got this recipe from my time as a Pampered Chef consultant and now that I have lactose free cream cheese to use, I don't just get to serve it to others I get to indulge on it too!!

Layered Cheese Spread

2 packages cream cheese, room temp
1 container crumbled feta cheese
1 package frozen chopped spinach, thawed & juices squeezed out
1 jar of roasted red peppers, drain & dry off with a paper towel
1 TBS italian seasoning
French bread, for serving

Chop the roasted red peppers.
In a bowl mix together the cream cheese, feta and spinach. (Use a spatula to do this)
Then start layering your ingredients.....cream cheese mixture first, press down lightly after scooping half of the mixture into your prepped bowl. Next add a layer of your chopped roasted red peppers and finishing it with the remaining cream cheese mixture. Cover with plastic wrap and chill in the fridge at least 2 hour before serving. You could also make this the night before.

***For easy clean up, line your bowl that you will be using to shape your spread with plastic wrap. This will not only help with clean up but it will also help with keeping its shape and getting out of your bowl. You can use what ever shape you want big or small, round or square!***

To remove and serve, remove plastic wrap from the top of your spread and put your serving plate to the rim of the bowl. Turn up-side down and remove bowl, your plastic wrap should be sticking to the cheese spread. Slowly pull off plastic wrap to reveal your pyramid of goodness!

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