January 24, 2013

Thai Turkey Wraps

I have been a so distracted with getting my finals finished for my last College level math class that I haven't had the time to do any picture taking during my cooking. My math class is done and over with and I think I can now focus on more pleasant things LOL

Can you believe we hit a record high here in Tucson yesterday?! It was a solid 80F!!! Thankfully though those digits have disappeared again today. It's actually cold and raining right now, which I am very happy about because I was absolutely not ready for the heat hiking up our thermostats just quite yet. I believe the weather has even predicted snow for the beginning of next week....we will see anything below 70 works for me at least until after Easter.

So with the past few days being a tad bit too warm for me I decided to have a cold dinner. Thai Turkey Wraps is what i decided on. I have made these before and we really enjoyed them....easy, fresh and quick.

Preparing the dressing...this smells so good!

This is one of our favorites from Trader Joes but if you don't have a Trader Joes around you don't hesitate to use another brand of Asian dressing.

Adding coleslaw to the dressing

End product.
Please don't mind my picture taking skills...still working on perfecting that part ;-)

Thai Turkey Wraps:

2 TBS creamy peanut butter
2 TBS mayonnaise
2 TBS Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing (such as Kraft or Trader Joe's)
1/2 tsp hot sauce
2 cups coleslaw mix (you can either make your own or buy the blend in the bag)
4 tortillas (6 inch)
16 slices of lean turkey slices

**I like adding a bit of chopped green bell peppers and green onions too....but this is optional tastes great without it**


Whisk together peanut butter, mayonnaise, asian dressing and hot sauce. Add coleslaw; toss to coat well. Then layer your tortilla with turkey then coleslaw mix; roll up. EAT!! told you it was quick and easy!!

**you can add more of any of these ingredients to your preference, I like add a little more dressing and coleslaw**

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